We are a creative marketing & promotion agency  with over a decade of experience. Our services are comprehensive and tailor to the needs of our clients. They include: artist development, day-to-day administration, digital strategy, radio promotion, marketing, direct-to-fan distribution, and public relations.


We provide you with outstanding and effective solutions for major and independent artists and labels with guaranteed results. Founded in 2010, Blast Focus is specialized in the entertainment and urban culture and we bring the most recent development in technology, best practice, standards and enterprising solutions to the market. Since the company's launch,Blast Focus has developed a trustworthy reputation for representing up-n-coming, underground and major music acts during the halcyon days of the dot com boom. As one of the leading boutique media relations, promotions and marketing firm in the U.S., we are focused and committed to running a successful business that contributes positively to the wider community.

Quick Turnaround

Our team makes sure that your ordered service gets provided in a timely manner to show you our commitment.


Outstanding Results

We have raised the profile of our clients across the world by providing solutions that are highly professional & effective.

Highest Quality

Our team provides your ordered service in the highest quality possible to make you a happy client.

Marketing Experts

With over 10 years industry experience, we are experts in our field and we have the education to prove it.

Our Team

We are a team of highly experienced marketing professionals with a simple focus: making our customers more profitable, more successful, more visible. Smart people consider us their go-to marketing team because we understand their needs and deliver excellent work every day. We are the best because our customers deserve it.

Our energetic and motivated team will work with you to define your marketing needs and help you develop a plan for continued growth. We are dedicated to making your business and career run faster, better and smoother than ever. Our team creates designs, produces and specializes in all areas of marketing, advertising and branding.

The entire team at Blast Focus is bound and driven by our five core values, which you can review below. Our vision is to be globally recognized for our high quality and providing outstanding marketing and promotion solutions to our customers worldwide while adhering to our core values.

Let our team stand behind you!

Why Choose us?

Blast Focus is one of the most trusted and reliable music marketing and promotions companies and we have dedicated and motivated project managers who are taking care of your project, ensuring highest quality and best support. At Blast Focus we are proud not only of our design and promotion services, we are changing the world of music one song at a time and your project can be a part of this amazing change. We all do share at least one thing in common and that's our passion and love for music and everything about it. We are the team you were looking for and we can prove it!